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Single-Family Houses(Contracting Business/Subdivisions)

Pushing for top market share through constant progress in proprietary technology

Aggregate of houses and number of houses sold
Domestic share of single-family housing starts*

* Contracting business only

We continue to achieve growth in our core business of single-family houses, driven by the continual evolution of our proprietary technologies, and we have now sold a total of over 580,000 individual houses since the Company's founding. In January 2014 we launched the xevoΣ – the latest and top-of-the-line addition to our popular xevo series – which employs new construction methods such as energy-absorbing load-bearing walls capable of maintaining their initial performance levels even in the event of repeated massive earthquakes. Sales of this model continue to grow steadily.

In April 2014 we began selling all our single-family house products under our SMAEco smart house brand, in which home energy management systems (HEMS) and photovoltaic power generation systems are offered as standard items. In the field of housing subdivision, we are promoting our SMAxECO PROJECT, in which we aim to develop smart towns that will let home owners be energy self-sufficient. We are also utilizing virtual reality technology at our TRY-IE-Lab, a home model showroom where customers can experience different home layouts. We continue to strengthen our marketing system through the opening of this and other new facilities.

The housing market is forecast to contract against the backdrop of the decline in Japan's population. We plan to aggressively market our unique home brands both in the field of single-contract built-to-order houses and in housing subdivisions. Our goal is to achieve the top share in the single-family house market. We plan to do this by expanding sales of home products in higher price ranges offering improved earthquake-resistance, as well as by the increased development and marketing of houses of three or more stories to suit the small land plots available in many urban areas.

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