Investor Relations

Monthly Orders (YOY Comparison; Nonconsolidated)

Monthly Orders for September 2014 (Year-on-year comparison)

  Changes YoY(%)
One month (Sep.)
Changes YoY(%)
6-month total
(Apr. to Sep.)
Custom-built houses
Houses in housing development projects
Land (including residential lots of housing development projects)
Single-family Houses






Rental Housing
Condominiums (for sale)
Commercial Facilities
Logistics, Business & Corporate Facilities
Commercial Buildings






1. In the Rental Housing, Condominiums, Commercial Facilities, and Logistics, Business & Corporate Facilities businesses, the figures in the charts include land and buildings.

2. The YOY ratio are calculated on a value basis. Although Leisure business and Environment and Energy business have been omitted from the charts since they had no material impact on the total amount, the total has been calculated including each value.

3. The above figures are provisional figures and may differ from the actual final figures.