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Assisting the economic growth of Vietnam through development of industrial parks, condominiums, serviced apartments, and the hotel business

In collaboration with partner companies, we are developing an industrial park near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, where we are also managing rental factories. We provide corporate tenants – mostly Japanese-owned enterprises – with advice on planning and support for business operations, acting as a low-risk gateway for such companies to set up in business overseas.

We are constructing serviced apartments in Hanoi and a hotel in the city of Haiphong to meet the long-term and short-term staff accommodation needs of visitors from overseas. The Group is engaged in wide-ranging activities in Vietnam, whose economy continues to post good growth. We have begun selling home units in a 2,300-unit condominium project located in Phu My Hung, a high-end residential area of Ho Chi Minh City, to meet the city’s increasing demand for new housing development.

Answering the growing demand for new housing development in Ho Chi Minh City—driven by the country’s continuing economic growth—we have also begun selling home units in a 2,300-unit condominium project located in the city’s high-end residential area of Phu My Hung. This is the first condominium development project by a Japanese enterprise in the area.

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