Investor Relations

Monthly Contracts (YOY Comparison;

Monthly Contracts for June 2022 (Year on year comparison)

  Changes YoY(%)
One month (Jun.)
Changes YoY(%)
3-month total
(Apr. to Jun.)
Custom-built houses
Houses in housing development projects
Land (including residential lots of housing development projects)
Single-family Houses






Rental Housing
Condominiums (for sale)
Commercial Facilities
Logistics, Business & Corporate Facilities

◆Excluding sale of development properties (including SPC) for rental housing and commercial buildings;


  Single month

3-month total (Apr. to Jun.)

Rental Housing +31% +26%
Commercial Facilities +55% +59%
Logistics, Business & Corporate Facilities +46% +34%
Total +64% +46%



  1. 1.From April 2022, provisional figures for orders received, calculated in accordance with our standards, have been changed as follows.

(Before change) Year-on-year increase/decrease rate for orders received 

(After change) Year-on-year increase/decrease rate related to contracts concluded

Only in FY2022, the year-on-year increase/decrease rate in contracts concluded is based on comparison with orders received in the previous year.

  1. 2. The changes (%) are calculated on a value basis.
  2. 3.The changes (%) in the Logistics, Business & Corporate Facilities and total are culclated including the number of contracts from specific

purpose companies or other consolidated subsidiaries established fo the purposes related to real estate development (SPC).

  1. 4. "Total" includes "Environment and energy" and "Other" figures.