Sustainability Report 2018

The Daiwa House Group has issued a sustainability report 2018, which is of high interest to corporate sustainability and ESG *1 aspects, targeting corporate assessment agencies, long-term investors, NGOs, experts, etc. as the main readers.
In this report, we will establish a good relationship with stakeholders (customers, employees, business partners, local citizens, shareholders) and the contribution to the global environment, which the Group is working on to realize a management vision through its business, And reports on the foundation of CSR management that supports these. Please refer to "Editorial Policy" below for content and composition of this report.
In addition, the Integration Report 2018 in September.

Editorial Policy

*1 Environment: Environment, society: Social, governance: It means an abbreviation for Governance

English Edition

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GRI Standards Cross-Reference Table(112KB/16Pages)

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Managerial Philosophy and Overall Picture

Sustainable Growth Based on Our Founder's Spirit

  • Origins of the Daiwa House Group
  • Message from the Chairman
  • Message from the President

The Group's Origins and Vision of Sustainable Growth

  • The Story of Value Creation (1)–(6)

Framework for Management Implementation

  • Overall Picture for Achieving Our Vision
  • Medium-Term Plan and Assessment Indices for Achieving Our Vision
  • The Materiality Selection Process for the Medium-Term CSR Plan

Implementation Report

Co-creating a Brighter Future with Our Customers

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Providing High Quality Products
  • Proper Communication with Customers
  • Long-Term Efforts to Earn Trust
  • Businesses to Address Social Issues / Sustainable Consumption

Co-creating a Brighter Future with Our Employees

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Providing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment
  • Developing Human Resources
  • Creating Work Environments and Systems Where a Diverse Range of Employees Can Work Flexibly
  • Providing Employment Opportunities for Exceptional Human Resources

Co-creating a Brighter Future with Our Business Partners

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Fair Competition
  • Encouraging Business Partners in CSR Efforts
  • Improving Labor Conditions and Ensuring Human Resources for Construction Subcontractors

Co-creating a Brighter Future with Local Communities

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Supporting Community Development Through the Construction Business
  • Community Co-creation Activities

Co-creating a Brighter Future with Our Shareholders

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Returning Benefits to Our Shareholders and Investor Relations
  • External Evaluation of Daiwa House Industry's IR

Co-creating a Brighter Future with the Environment

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Long-Term Environmental Vision
  • Action Plan for the Environment (Endless Green Program 2018)
  • Environmental Management
  • Supply Chain Management in Our Entire Business (Environment)
  • Prevention of Global Warming (Energy / Climate Change)
  • Harmony with the Natural Environment (Preservation of Biodiversity)
  • Conservation of Natural Resources (Longer Durability / Waste Reduction / Water Resource Conservation)
  • Prevention of Chemical Pollution
  • Eco Communication

Foundation of CSR Management

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Corporate Governance
  • Human Rights Management
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Ethics / Compliance
  • Anti-corruption / Fair Trade
  • Management of Intellectual Property Rights
  • CSR Management
  • Cooperating with External Organizations and Their Assessment (Society / Environment)

Data Section / Third-Party Assurance

  • Summary of the Daiwa House Group
  • Organization
  • Major Group Companies
  • Highlight of Financial Results and Consolidated Financial Indicators
  • CSR Self-Assessment Indices
  • Social Data
  • Environmental Data
  • Site Report
  • Third-Party Assurance Report
  • Third-Party Opinion
  • GRI Standards Cross-Reference Table

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