Daiwa House Group

Daiwa House Group

"We will carry forward the spirit of great harmony to pursue businesses that
contribute to society."

The "Endless Heart" symbol of the Daiwa House Group represents our Group's continuous action and infinite growth and development. It embodies our core philosophy of striving toward a sustainable future.

Creating Dreams, Building Hearts

The Daiwa House Group stands hand in hand with society through its business operations and with people through its products and services. We believe that "Co-creating a Brighter Future" and working together with society as a loyal partner are keys to our success.

The Daiwa House Group's Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Our Company Philosophy, the basis of the Group's thinking, to be shared by each employee of our group from now on.

  • Develop people through business.
  • A company's progress depends directly on ensuring a good working environment for its employees.
  • Products created in good faith by honest labor through modern facilities will contribute to society in general.
  • Our Company will develop thanks to the complete solidarity and tireless efforts of all executives and employees.
  • Through mutual trust and cooperation, by always reflecting deeply on past mistakes, valuing responsibility, and actively engaging in mutual criticism, we will advance along the road to growth and success.

Management Vision

Group policies drafted to meet the needs of the times to ensure our prosperity, to be implemented by our individual businesses.

Connecting Hearts

The Daiwa House Group aims to create, use and enhance new values together with its customers as "a group that co-creates value for individuals, communities and people's lifestyles." In doing so, we hope to realize a society in which people can live fulfilled lives. In addition, we cherish our ties with each and every customer, and continue to strive to build life-long trust as a partner in experiencing the joys of a lifetime.

Employees' Charter

A set of conduct guidelines, to be aware in mind by employees at every stage of daily operations.

As employees of "a group that co-creates value for individuals, communities, and people's lifestyles," we pledge the following:

  • Strive to improve quality, skill and communications to provide safe, reliable products that are in harmony with the environment, and to help create comfortable, relaxing living spaces for our customers.
  • Serve our customers in good faith, and share their excitement and joy.
  • Work to improve society's evaluation of our company and increase its corporate value by conducting ourselves fairly according to society's expectations and rules.
  • Aim to grow and develop with our business partners by never forgetting our gratitude to them and dealing with them fairly.
  • Pursue our own growth and happiness through our work.
  • Help people gain fulfillment in their lives and build a better society, with co-creation of a brighter future as our basic aim.

The Daiwa House Group's CSR Guidelines

While conducting our business activities in a balanced manner, taking into consideration the requirements of society, the environment, and the economy, we will deal in good faith with all our stakeholders and meet society's expectations of the Group as a corporate citizen.

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