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The Daiwa House Group's Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Company Philosophy(Corporate Creed) Management Vision Employees’Charter
  • Company Philosophy(Corporate Creed) Our Company Philosophy, the basis of the Group’s thinking, to be shared by each employee of our group from now on.
  • Management Vision Group policies drafted to meet the needs of the times to ensure our prosperity, to be implemented by our individual businesses.
  • Employees’ Charter A set of conduct guidelines, to be aware in mind by employees at every stage of daily operations.

Basic policies aimed at raising the brand value of the Endless Heart

The Daiwa House Group’s CSR Guidelines

While conducting our business activities in a balanced manner, taking into consideration the requirements of society, the environment, and the economy, we will deal in good faith with all our stakeholders and meet society’s expectations of the Group as a corporate citizen.

  1. We will utilize our unique technologies and know-how to pursue businesses that contribute to society.
  2. Through our relationship and conversation with our stakeholders, we will do our best to comprehend their expectations of the Group, and fulfill our obligations as a corporate citizen by responding to them.
  3. We will work to ensure a high level of corporate ethics, human rights and legal compliance.

Daiwa House Group Principles of Corporate Ethics

Date of adoption of principles
April 1, 2004 (revised on April 1, 2014)
Purposes behind adoption
The Principles of Corporate Ethics serve to clarify in written form our code of behavior which is the basis for realization of our management principles and policies – including the corporate philosophy of our founder Nobuo Ishibashi (as set out in the Company's creed). Its main long-term purpose is to ensure that the Group continues to be regarded as a trustworthy organization by society as a whole.
Scope of application
The Principles of Corporate Ethics apply to all members of the Daiwa House Group.
Management Pledge
With respect to the Principles of Corporate Ethics, the executive managements of all Group companies take the lead in setting an example to all their employees by fully abiding by the Principles, and are responsible for ensuring transparency and fairness in all business operations.

co-creating a brighter future

Believe One Heart

With our customers
We are sincere in our communications with everyone, and put our full efforts into offering high-quality products and services, doing our best to satisfy our customers and win their trust.
With the compliance
Not being satisfied with merely following the letter of the law, we also act in conformity with the highest ethical standards so as to meet the expectations of our wide range of stakeholders.
With an ideal work environment
In addition to caring for the health and safety of our employees, we also strive to create an open and fair work environment, and to give every member of staff the opportunity for personal development.
With business partners
We value our collaboration and cooperation with business partners, and work to create appropriate mutual relationships. In line with the principle of free market competition, we work to realize the healthy development of the whole industry.
With the environment
In line with our belief that environmental issues are a matter of concern for the whole world, we work to protect the natural environment and to bring about a society where people can live in harmony with nature.
With the communities
We respect the culture and customs of each region, and support the sustainable development of local communities through our business activities and social contributions.
Respect for human rights
We respect basic human rights and the dignity of all people, and do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, creed, or social status.

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