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Daiwa House Group — working to co-create value for individuals, communities and people's lifestyles

Daiwa House Group

Spirit of Hearts Staff who are inheriting the spirit of the founder

Daiwa House Group projects have begun to spread across the world. Here, we introduce a few of the Group's employees in the front line who are working hard behind the scenes to make everything a success.

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vol.05 "Defying common wisdom in housing construction" Detail
vol.04 "Develop the American market!" Detail
vol.03 "Exporting Japanese industrial parks" Detail
vol.02 "Industrializing agriculture" Detail
vol.01 "Industrialized housing for the world" Detail

Business Fields Housing

In the area of Housing, the Daiwa House Group has developed the new housing and existing housing businesses that cover the areas of "build-ing, living, and home succession." In the area of building, we provide new functions and value to homes with energy-efficient smart houses and houses tailored to local demand. In condominium and rental hous-ing management, we have raised the quality of living through home security and community development. In the area of home succession,we are renovating used homes, providing real estate agency services for those homes, and passing on good-quality housing stock to society.

Business Fields Business

Japanese enterprises are being forced to make ceaseless efforts to strengthen their competitiveness, including raising efficiency, addressing environmental concerns, and moving business operations overseas. In the area of Business, the Daiwa House Group provides support for the growth of client companies seeking to expand their networks of produc-tion plants or offices, commercial facilities, logistics facilities and so on.Our support services cover the entire field from site selection through construction to assistance in becoming a tenant at an industrial park on the Asian mainland. We are also improving the housing environment by focusing efforts on the planning and proposal of medical treatment and nursing care facilities, as well as assisted-living housing for senior citizens.

Business Fields Life

Japan continues to lead the world in terms of life expectancy, but a problem is coming to the fore with regard to the disparity between simple lifespan and "healthy life expectancy" — the ability to live an independent life that is enjoyable both physically and mentally. In the area of Life, the Daiwa House Group provides services that help to enhance the quality of life of the elderly and people with disabilities.These services include the sale and rental of "lifestyle assistance robots"that play a valuable role in nursing care and rehabilitation, as well as the operation of fee-based homes for the elderly. And through its operation of resort hotels, golf courses, and fitness clubs, the Group helps people of all ages to stay healthy in mind and body.

Business Fields Global

The overseas expansion of the Group started in the 1960s, expanding to Southeast Asia, the United States, Brazil, Australia, etc. Recently, we have been involved in developments in China, and are moving into Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. In 2013, we added Fujita with its long track-record overseas, and are expanding our operations to 33 locations in 14 countries and one region*. In the future, we will continue providing business operations in different countries in order to improve their infrastructure.

*as of July 31, 2015

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