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Targeting market-driven business expansion

"agri-cube" vegetable-grower unit
Number of inquiries
(as of March 31, 2015)

In the agricultural business, we sell "agri-cube" vegetable-grower units as front-runner products in our search for ways of industrializing agriculture to meet Japanese society's need for food self-sufficiency and a stable supply of safe food. The agri-cube is a building unit containing all the equipment required for efficient hydroponic vegetable growing, including special lighting, water-supply equipment, and air-conditioning. Due to its ease of installation and use, we have received a large number of inquiries from Japan and overseas.

Thanks to seminars to which we had invited representatives of companies, in fiscal 2014 we received a number of inquiries from companies interested in establishing new agricultural enterprises or constructing large-scale vegetable-growing factories to make effective use of underutilized land. There was also an increase in inquiries about the "agri-cube" from industrial high schools and technical colleges interested in using this product as an educational aid; from universities seeking to use the product in research; and from social welfare corporations considering using the units in facilities to provide employment for persons with disabilities. These inquiries show that the advantages of the "agri-cube" are being recognized.

Market needs in the fields of medical treatment and personal health are growing and the Group is examining ways of contributing to expanded employment opportunities for senior citizens – a social issue currently at the focus of concern – by developing and marketing systems for the growing of vegetables which were improved to contain higher nutrition and other agricultural projects that promise to contribute to improved health. In view of the high reputation that Japanese technology enjoys, we hope to take advantage of strong demand overseas to develop a market-driven business in this field.

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