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Parking and Carsharing

Developing high value-added facilities for a comfortable society

Number of metered parking spaces operated*1
(as of March 31, 2015)
Number of carsharing stations*2
(as of March 31, 2015)
Total number of self-driving type multistory parking facilities*2
(as of June 30, 2015)

D-Parking D-Share

  1. *1 Including parking lots operated under subcontract
  2. *2 Daiwa Lease, non-consolidated

The group's metered parking lot business has been operated and expanded by Daiwa Lease and Daiwa House Parking*3 under the brand name "D-Parking."

In addition to the metered parking business, Daiwa Lease is also planning and constructing self-driving type multi-story parking facilities using methods approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. In April 2015, Daiwa Lease drastically strengthened its business capabilities, moving ahead with its own operational management of parking lots within commercial facilities, and operational activities utilizing the strengths gained in managing land in surrounding areas. Additionally, Daiwa Lease contributed to neighborhood safety through its operation of overnight parking lots in commercial facilities near residential areas, reducing illegal parking and parking on roads. Daiwa Lease will continue to provide parking lots with high-added value, by constructing environmentally-friendly lots, carsharing facilities, and mechanical multi-story bicycle parking facilities.

Daiwa House Parking is establishing new bases in areas where it does not yet have a presence, and we aim to expand nationwide. In addition to owning and operating parking lots and facilities, we are working towards long-term, stable profitability for existing parking lots through initiatives such as revision to charges. We are also constructing a business operations system utilizing information about property within the Daiwa House Group, with the aim of further expanding operations.

  1. *3 In March 2015, Daiyoshi Trust and TOMO merged to Daiwa House Parking.

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