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Commercial Facilities

Developing commercial facilities to serve as the core of each local community

Leasing floor space of buildings subleased*1
(as of March 31, 2015)
Number of tenants/occupancy rate at buildings subleased*2
(as of March 31, 2015)
  1. *1 Total of buildings subleased by Daiwa Lease, Daiwa Information Service, and Daiwa Royal
  2. *2 Ratio of tenanted floor space to total leasing floor space

In the commercial facilities business, Group-member companies are engaged in the planning, construction, leasing, management and operation of facilities.

In fiscal 2014 the retail industry suffered a year-on-year decline in consumer spending in reaction to the rush in spending ahead of the consumption tax rate hike in April. The long-term sluggishness of consumer spending thus persisted, and the market has not yet fully recovered. Amid this situation, the Group worked to enhance the attractiveness of its existing commercial facilities under management and thereby expand sales by organizing the replacement of tenants and carrying out renovation work on the facilities. Against the backdrop of an ongoing change in the roles of commercial facilities from simply being places where people shop for material goods to acting as venues for services and other diverse activities, Daiwa Lease has been developing neighborhood shopping centers in collaboration with local communities. Four such projects were opened for business in April 2015, notably the BRANCH Chigasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture and the Frespo Megumino in Hokkaido. In collaboration with a nonprofit organization, Daiwa Lease has established an intermediary support NPO that supports and encourages local community activities, mainly through the Machizukuri Spots (spaces set aside for discussion of community development ideas and workshops) inside the Group's commercial facilities.

The Group engages in large-scale development projects that make the most of our diverse operational resources, while at the same time working to enhance the attractiveness of tenants and help revitalize local communities. We aim to develop and operate competitive facilities whose features are tailored to the unique characteristics of each region.

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