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Environmental Greening

Adding new value to urban spaces

Area of greened building space
Green roofs
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(as of March 31, 2015)


Daiwa Lease operates environmental greening services under the ECOLOGREEN brand, involving greening solutions for the roofs, walls, exterior structures, and interiors of properties including office buildings, commercial facilities, and warehouses.

During fiscal 2014 we strengthened our capabilities in space-greening proposals – which tend to produce a favorable reaction among visitors and users leading to revisiting and reuse – particularly with respect to commercial facilities, which is an increasingly competitive market, and the nursing-care facility market, which is beginning to undergo a shakeout due to the rapid increase in the number of such facilities in Japan.

The market for greening work has stagnated as a result of the growth in demand for photovoltaic power systems, with little increase in the area of roofs and exterior walls subjected to greening across Japan. Despite this, our operations have maintained stable performance. We plan to invest effort in the further popularization of urban space greening ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Moreover, as Japan's working-age population continues to decline, companies will be forced to improve their working environments to secure the necessary human resources, and we are enhancing our range of interior greening proposals in anticipation of this potential market.

The "greening" (air purification) unit jointly developed by Daiwa House Industry, Fujita, and Daiwa Lease, which can remove NOx and particulates (diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less) from the atmosphere, is currently patent-pending, and plans are being made for marketing upon receipt of patent approval. The Group aims to optimally leverage its strengths in the design and implementation of integrated greening and other eco-friendly proposals – from development through to post-installation management – to add new value to Japan's urban spaces.

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