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General Construction

Leveraging intra-Group synergy to create a new business model

Total area of main projects developed by Fujita in Japan
  • Land readjustment projects (outsourced services provision)*1
  • Statutory urban redevelopment projects*2
In-house development projects
  • Industrial parks*1
  • Housing developments*1
  • Condominium and office building development projects*2

(as of March 31, 2015)

  1. *1 Site area
  2. *2 Total floor area

With a history of over 100 years as a general construction company, Fujita has an impressive track record in urban redevelopment and supports corporate customers' capital investment strategies within Japan and overseas. In the field of urban redevelopment Fujita boasts high-level planning and proposal capabilities – thanks to a solid base of proprietary construction technology – as well as the ability to acquire official permits and licenses owing to the extensive know-how it has accumulated. It has ample experience in determining and reconciling the intertwined rights of landowners and leaseholders in local communities. Fujita has leveraged these strengths in the fields of urban redevelopment and condominium rebuilding projects, including through the use of sophisticated solutions such as PFIs and real estate securitization. In such ways, Fujita helps to bolster the enterprise value of customers.

Investment in construction in Japan is expected to remain steady in fiscal 2015. Fujita is working to reinforce relationships with its approximately 860 subcontractors with the aim of further improving service and product quality in the core business fields of construction and civil engineering to enhance its earning power. In logistics facilities operations – a new high-growth field – Fujita aims to maximize synergy through collaboration with Daiwa House Industry to create a comprehensive business model encompassing planning and proposals, construction, and management and maintenance. In overseas markets, Fujita aims to take steps to enhance competitiveness in its areas of specialty while also expanding operations in the existing construction business to act as a buffer against downturns in the construction market. By this and other measures, including the training of local staff, Fujita plans to stabilize its business operations from a long-term perspective.

Note: Fujita and Daiwa Odakyu Construction will undergo a management integration (merger) on October 1, 2015.

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