Logistics Facilities

Deriving optimal solutions from observation of front-line logistics operations

In the logistics facilities business, we employ our D-Project proprietary business format, under which we meet all our customers’ diverse needs from selection of prime-location sites through the design and construction of facilities, to service operation and building management. In addition to BTS (build-to-suit) logistics facilities for particular tenants, we also construct multi-tenant facilities in prime locations, and both categories of facility are proving popular in the market. Daiwa House has been engaged in logistics facility development right from its founding. We aim to constantly derive advanced solutions from our close observation of actual practice in the front line, to become the logistics facility supplier of choice.

Supporting companies’ logistics strategies by building new social infrastructure

The growth of online shopping and corporate globalization are drastically changing logistics needs. In addition to good locations, companies have an increased need for larger, multi-functional facilities. By contracting to handle logistics for several shippers as part of a single-package service, we are able to optimally allocate and use physical resources such as logistics centers, systems and equipment, as well as technologies, offering all goods owners a logistics-sharing service that perfectly meets their needs. We also provide long-term support for our corporate clients’ logistics strategies, such as solutions to their needs in the areas of corporate real estate and public-sector real estate strategies, in addition to real estate securitization plans.

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