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Logistics Facilities

Building a stronger social infrastructure by addressing front-line logistics issues

Development site area of main logistics projects*
  • Japan total
  • Hokkaido area 32,161m2
  • Tohoku area 251,067m2
  • Kanto area 2,453,150m2
  • Chubu area 633,679m2
  • Kansai area 1,120,306m2
  • Chugoku/Shikoku area 203,926m2
  • Kyushu area 308,383m2

(as of March 31, 2015)

* Includes projects at the planning stage and under development

In our logistics facilities business we employ a business format called D-Project, under which we meet all customer needs from acquisition of prime-location sites through the design, construction of facilities, operation of services and building management.

In addition to BTS (build-to-suit) facilities for particular tenants, we also construct multi-tenant facilities that provide immediate solutions to short-term logistics needs. We have built or are currently constructing 195 logistics facilities throughout Japan, involving a total area of roughly five million square meters.

In fiscal 2014 the Group initiated a logistics business collaboration with Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. and commenced construction of a large-scale logistics facility for the company's sole use in Ariake, Tokyo, with completion scheduled for 2016. To finance this project, Daiwa House Industry organized its first-ever privately-placed REITs. This REITs will be used to support the future creation of a logistics network by Fast Retailing.

Competition in the logistics sector is intensifying due to factors such as corporate globalization and the growth of online shopping. Consequently, user needs are focusing on optimizing logistics facilities and realizing ever-greater operational efficiency. To serve the purposes of our customers' corporate real estate strategies and to reinforce their real estate securitization plans, we constantly examine problems and needs that they encounter from the front line of the logistics business, and devise solutions to address users' requirements. We plan to help create a new physical infrastructure for society through the construction of logistics facilities that incorporate our proprietary earthquake resistance systems, address our customers' needs in the area of business continuity planning (BCP), and also incorporate eco-friendly features such as green walls.

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