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Offices, Factories, and Industrial Parks

Increased orders through enhanced reliability, and improved operational efficiency

Offices constructed
Factories constructed

In our offices and factories business we help our corporate customers build network bases throughout Japan. Thanks to our extensive database on land prices and sites available for development, we are able to make land-use proposals covering all processes from initial surveys through planning, design, and construction to post-completion maintenance and other services.

During fiscal 2014 a large number of companies worked to further rationalize their capital investment by closing redundant production facilities and introducing more cutting-edge, sophisticated equipment. Against this backdrop, we enjoyed an increased value of orders for the construction of factories and other facilities. This achievement was made possible by the Group's excellent reputation among its customers, based on the track record in factory construction we have built up over many years. Plant No. 1 at our Nara Factory, which has been rebuilt as a state-of-the-art eco-friendly facility, has attracted the interest of a large number of corporations. The reputation of the Group's brand in the field of energy conservation has also been boosted by our winning of the Energy Conservation Awards* for the second straight year. In the area of office planning, eco-friendly proposals accounted for 90 percent of all orders.

Demand for construction in Japan is forecast to continue trending upward. We aim to maintain relationships with our existing customers, while expanding our operations to acquire increased orders and realize greater efficiency. In our industrial parks operations we have commenced development of the Hofu Techno Town (our fifth project in Japan) in Yamaguchi Prefecture. We have positioned this operation as one of the main growth engines of this business segment, and aim to help revitalize local regions by supporting newly-emerging companies in collaboration with local government bodies.

* Prize for Energy Conservation (Practical Energy Conservation Example Section), awarded by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan.

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