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PPPs and PFIs

Creating businesses that leverage the merits of public-private partnerships

Ranking for PFI project orders received in Japan*
  • 6th
    (as of September 1, 2014)
Number of orders received
  • 13
    (as of March 1, 2015)

* Rankings compiled by Japan PFI/PPP Association, issued in PFI Yearbook (FY2014 edition)

Japan's central and local governments are faced with the urgent need to take action to maintain the country's physical infrastructure, and operate public facilities more efficiently. Interest is being focused on public-private partnerships (PPPs) and private finance initiatives (PFIs) as ways to effectively raise the needed funds through cooperation between public bodies and private-sector companies, and to make use of the available know-how. The government has announced a target for spending on such projects of ¥12 trillion by 2022, and Daiwa Lease has been quick to get on board with this trend, establishing a PPP/PFI business that engages in marketing activities for forward-looking business projects in collaboration with both the central and local governments. Over 200 sales staff currently operate out of 48 offices in Japan.

The Japanese government follows a policy of encouraging educational institutions to accept more foreign students. We are actively involved in constructing and maintaining student dormitories for national and public universities. In fiscal 2014 we completed the International House (I-wing Nakamozu) of Osaka Prefecture University. In response to calls for the drafting of a plan for the overall management of public and community facilities, demand for the replacement of existing public facilities is rising. We are enjoying an expansion in orders, thanks to our ability to offer varied types of large- and small-scale facilities and to tailor our proposals to the needs of each individual client. Our facilities have gained a high reputation for their ability to revitalize community life.

We will use a wide-ranging field of endeavors, as well as synergy created through intra-Group collaboration, to broaden our lineup of facility proposals and create businesses that fully leverage the merits of public-private partnerships.

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