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Retail and Wholesale Facilities

Developing retail and wholesale facilities that help revitalize local communities

Retail and wholesale facilities constructed*1
(as of March 31, 2015)
Membership of the Owners Club*2
(as of March 31, 2015)
  1. *1 Total of retail and wholesale facilities constructed by Daiwa House Industry
  2. *2 The Owners Club is a nationwide organization that provides continuous support to landowners.

In our retail and wholesale facilities business we leverage our extensive data on land use nationwide – in addition to our know-how relating to support for the opening of new outlets – to offer comprehensive proposals to prospective tenant companies, ranging from planning to facility management and operation. Since starting operations in this field in the mid-1970s we have done business with around 4,000 tenant companies – mainly in the retailing and eating-out sectors – and have constructed more than 38,000 facilities. We are also seeking increased orders in our conversion business, in which we propose the conversion of existing structures to other uses when the present contract has expired. In this and other ways, we work to reinforce our relationships with landowners.

Against the backdrop of a declining population and the growth of online sales, the retail industry in Japan cannot expect any significant increase in the number of visitors to their stores, and retail companies are competing for a larger share of the market by opening new outlets, as well as through industry consolidation via mergers and acquisitions. We conduct market surveys covering a diverse range of factors including the unique features of each prospective store site and the surrounding area. On the basis of these surveys we make medium- and long-term proposals for the opening of stores or the development of various facilities to prospective tenant companies, including corporations that operate nationwide retail chains and those with strong roots in each local community.

By leveraging these strengths, we will attract competitive enterprises to use our site-selection and construction capabilities, thus securing adequate and reliable sources of earnings for our landowners while developing retail and wholesale facilities that help revitalize the economy of each local community.

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