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Global Operations


Building a social infrastructure to support economic growth

Total development area*
(3,583 acres)

(as of March 31, 2015)

*Including scheduled sites

In Indonesia, in collaboration with local companies, we are participating in the development of the Daiwa Manunggal Industrial Park, and are developing contracted construction and rental factory businesses. The attractive location close to downtown Jakarta helps with our aggressive campaign to attract businesses. By providing a construction system for factory facilities within the industrial park, we are doing well, receiving orders mainly from automotive parts manufacturers, as well as seeing increased orders for factory construction. The rental factory completed in December 2014 lets companies set up operations for the first time overseas while keeping down initial costs, and we have received many inquiries from Japanese-owned companies.

Indonesia has a population of around 240 million, and the increasing internal demand is spurring companies to expand their construction of production lines. This will of course require enhanced logistics infrastructure, and create new demand for logistics facilities. In this type of market environment, in June 2015, we started on the joint development with a local partner company of a 25,000m2 multi-tenant logistics center within that industrial park. This has outstanding access to motorways, and is particularly attractive in that it provides all facilities from production through to distribution within the same premises. We will continue with actively attracting companies both from Japan and other countries, with the aim of creating a corporate infrastructure that can help with Indonesia’s economic growth.

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