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Global Operations

Mexico and other countries

Diversifying business overseas, expanding operations

Fujita engages in construction work in various markets, including Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Fujita has a long history of operations in Mexico, and the rest of Central and South America, where Japanese-owned companies have been slow to make inroads. In particular, recently in Mexico, the company succeeded in actively handling investment in factory construction by Japanese automobile manufacturing, and increasing orders from automotive-parts suppliers, as well as securing the top market share among Japanese-owned construction companies.

Additionally, there is a focus on development in the field of environmental engineering, where demand is expected to grow. Fujita has set up in Mexico as a new initiative a company to engage in water supply and treatment at plants and this is already providing service.

In India, a representative office has been established in Gujarat state in the country’s west, in order to handle the increase in Japanese investment. In Chennai in India’s east, Fujita is also working to diversify operations, and has received an order to construct a children’s hospital with aid from the Japanese government for the first time.

In Malaysia, Fujita Malaysia received an order to construct railway infrastructure, and is looking forward to its completion in 2016. Fujita also established a local office in Myanmar in December 2013, with the staff there working to put in place infrastructure, and a construction system that can respond to plans by Japanese-owned companies to expand.

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