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Rental Housing

Expanding our lineup of high value-added products to meet tenants' diverse needs

Number of rental housing units sold



In the rental housing business we are expanding our market share by leveraging comprehensive services – from site assessment through planning, design, and construction to management support-as well as the close relationships we have built up with many landowners throughout Japan. To meet tenants' increasingly diverse needs, we work to develop products incorporating a wide range of attractive services as well as interior equipment and furnishings. In particular, apartments featuring home security arrangements are our best-selling models, accounting for almost 90 percent of all rental housing products.

In fiscal 2014 we launched two new housing products – the SÉJOUR WIT-Loper and the SÉJOUR OTT's-Loper – both specifically designed to meet the needs of elderly tenants, which is forecast to become a fast-growing market niche in the coming years. At our Royal Parks ER Sasashima, completed in March 2015, we offer new concepts in rental apartments, including one type in which two generations of a family can live together, and apartments for sharing by students or single working persons. The building also features other facilities such as a preschool and a fee-based home for the elderly. Not only does this large-scale building – combining rental apartments with other facilities – cater to a wide range of tenant needs, we also expect it to make a valuable contribution to the local community thanks to its ability to generate and provide lifelines at the time of disaster.

We will continue to expand our lineup of high value-added products while strengthening cooperation with other organizations in each region of Japan by opening new marketing offices around the country. This is part of our plan to achieve growth in businesses that are deeply rooted in their respective regional communities.

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