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Real Estate Agency Services

Supply of previously-owned real estate to the market via agency services, and sale of renovated properties

Nihon Jyutaku Ryutu's agency commission*
Real estate agency ranking
(agency commissions)*

* JUTAKU SHIMPO-SHA, INC. "Property Sales and Purchases in FY2014 (major real estate agencies)" Nihon Jyutaku Ryutu, non-consolidated

Nihon Jyutaku Ryutu is a real estate agency that engages in the purchase and resale previously-owned real estate properties, renovates condominiums and also undertakes rental property management nationwide. In its role as a comprehensive real estate consultancy agency, it works to maximize property values and inject liquidity into the real estate market.

During fiscal 2014 the number of real estate transactions handled by the company registered a decline following of the consumption tax rate hike. On the other hand, purchases of home units in city-center high-rise condominiums increased, as home-buyers used such purchases as a strategy to reduce inheritance tax burdens. Thanks to this, previously-owned home prices rose, and the amount of orders received by Nihon Jyutaku Ryutu recovered from the second half of fiscal 2014. Ahead of the upcoming amendment to the inheritance tax law, we commenced a policy of advertising its unique inheritance tax payment support services on the open market, as well as through direct channels to its real estate property suppliers.

The market for previously-owned real estate is forecast to continue growing. We will expand our network of offices on a nationwide basis and invest more in community-based marketing. We will also work to introduce valuable properties to the market through more extensive use of our building assessment system and equipment guarantee system, and we will put increased effort into marketing fully renovated properties that meet diverse needs to supply the market with an adequate number of value-added previously-owned properties. Meanwhile, Daiwa Homes Online, which offers real estate agency services over the Internet – principally for customers in the Tokyo area – will work to expand its operations by attracting more customers for its real estate purchase and resale services.

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