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Expanding our operations through active nurturing of human resources

Sales in the interior item business
  • Curtains (product and installation cost)18.7%
  • Furniture18.2%
  • Made-to-order furniture4.1%
  • Lighting (product and installation cost)9.0%
  • Air conditioners (product and installation cost)32.0%
  • Condominium options3.3%
  • Other14.7%


DesignArc is in charge of the Group's interior business, where it possesses the largest number of qualified interior coordinators*1 in Japan's homebuilding industry. The company's operations range from interior coordination at customers' homes, housing showrooms, and model rooms, to the design and production of marketing environments at various industry events, as well as the design and sale of furniture. During fiscal 2014 DesignArc posted excellent sales of air conditioners that were specially developed to improve tenancy rates at rental housing facilities and were marketed as a package together with interior designs and furnishings. Sales were also strongly boosted by the success of booths opened at interior shows held jointly by home builders and furniture manufacturers.

Demand for home renovation is expanding in Japan, and in line with this the market for interior goods is also expected to take off. We aim to increase our operations to take full advantage of this situation, leveraging our nationwide network of production sites. In the field of human resources training we are working with other organizations to establish a system of Certification of Space Designer*2 as one means of raising the level of interior designers' qualifications in general. In the near future we hope to use this certification system to nurture staff who are fully trained in the operation of 3D imaging software, as the increase in specialization should lead to higher productivity. In the field of renovation to raise the asset value of existing homes, we aim to expand operations by optimally leveraging our ability to make high-value-added proposals.

  1. *1 201 interior coordinators (as of March 31, 2015)
  2. *2 By a person who has a Certification of Space Designer, we mean industry-ready staff able to easily comprehend architectural drawings and capable of using 3D-perspective imaging software to make persuasive interior design proposals. Such staff will help us more effectively meet market needs in the field of home renovation.

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