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Offering unrivalled asset value through constantly evolving products and services

Number of condominium units sold*1
Number of condominium units sold ranking*2
  1. *1 Total of two companies: Daiwa House Industry and Cosmos Initia
  2. *2 Condominium Market Trends in Japan: Real Estate Economic Institute Co., Ltd. Daiwa House Industry, non-consolidated

The condominium business maintains asset value as a kind of social capital by building and selling high value-added condominiums across the length and breadth of Japan.

Following the consumption tax rate hike in April 2014, and against the backdrop of rising construction costs, the market for condominiums went through a supply adjustment phase in fiscal 2014, with the number of new condominium construction starts posting its second consecutive year-on-year decline.

Amid this environment, in March 2015 we completed construction of the Hibarigaoka Feels Ichibangai in Tokyo, the first joint "urban renewal" project between a private corporation and the Urban Renaissance Agency (a semi-public organization). In this project, we have adopted the concept of "area management," under which the management and development of the neighborhood is principally entrusted to the residents themselves. To this end, we have built an Area Management Center on the grounds of the condominium project, where residents can get together to discuss maintenance and future development proposals. This is part of our urban development concept, in which projects start from the idea of urban neighborhood renewal and evolve to meet the community's future needs.

Cosmos Initia operates a lifestyle support service for active seniors at the GRAN COSMOS Musashiurawa in Saitama City, where staff are on hand 24/7. The company also operates common-use facilities to facilitate communication between residents, as well as a restaurant and medical clinic. Such services help provide a worry-free living environment for older residents.

In our condominium business, we will continue leveraging our high-level planning proposal capabilities to meet customers' diversifying needs and offering unrivalled asset value via a constantly evolving variety of products and services.

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