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Condominium Management

Pooling management resources to strengthen competitiveness

Individual home units under management
  • Daiwa Service*1 87,521
  • Daiwa LifeNext*1 152,729
  • Global Community 80,239

(as of March 31, 2015)

Individual home units under management ranking
(as of March 31, 2015)
  1. *1 Daiwa LifeNext and Daiwa Service were merged on April 1, 2015. As the number of home units under management shown above is as of March 31, 2015, figures are shown separately for the three companies.
  2. *2 Ranking by corporate group of individual home units under management (Mansion Kanri Shimbun)

Our condominium management services do not end with day-to-day operation. We offer a comprehensive service to support long-term building management and create a pleasant living environment. This includes undertaking large-scale renovation and repair work and helping homeowners associations create a sense of community among their members. In these ways, we maintain and improve the owners' asset value.

In markets related to existing condominiums in Japan, the number of home units is increasing at a reduced pace due to slow growth in construction of new condominiums. Existing condominium buildings continue to deteriorate with age, while unit owners on average are growing older at a faster pace. Thus, we expect even stronger demand for the provision of more comprehensive and sophisticated management services.

Amid this condition, in the Group's condominium management operations we aim to bolster replacement of a management company and expand orders received for large-scale repair work and equipment upgrading. We will take various steps to increase customer satisfaction. In addition to further enhancing the quality of our services applicable to each condominium's common area, we will reinforce our proposal-based sales to residents, including new services such as renovation and repair work on exclusively-owned areas, as well as support for the sub-leasing of housing units in the event that the owner is temporarily transferred by his or her employer to a different location. In April 2015 Daiwa LifeNext and Daiwa Service were merged to realize increased overall Group capabilities. We aim to pool the management resources of these two companies to achieve efficiency, and to leverage this newly-created business base to move into new areas, while at the same time offering our customers an even higher standard of service.

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