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Other Businesses(Ground surveys & reinforcement/Manufacture of housing parts & materials)

Leveraging intra-Group synergy to offer high-quality housing

Daiwa Lantec
In line with its corporate mission of helping to realize safe, reliable, and comfortable housing, Daiwa Lantec conducts ground surveys and engages in soil improvement work, leveraging its solid track record and high-level technological expertise. Company staff also conduct regular safety patrols at construction sites to ensure that the working environment remains safe at all times. The company encourages its staff to acquire official qualifications, and holds training courses conducted by specialist staff to raise the overall skill level of its workforce.
In the near future, Daiwa Lantec plans to expand its repertoire of technologies in the soil improvement and other fields and develop completely new services, and will work to raise its technology and service quality levels.

Daiwa CoreFactory
Daiwa CoreFactory produces housing parts and materials at five plants in Japan, and the management emphasizes its monozukuri (manufacturing craftsmanship) skills. In line with its motto of "Excellent Products, Speedy Delivery, Low Prices," Daiwa CoreFactory prioritizes continuous improvement (kaizen) activities aimed at enhancing product quality, reducing costs, and shortening lead times, and works on a day-to-day basis to achieve its goals in this area. The company also implements an in-house certification system for employees involved in production to improve its manufacturing technologies.
From here onward, while adopting a flexible business stance to enable effective response to changes in the environment, Daiwa CoreFactory hopes to maximize its manufacturing skills to create products that will fully meet customer needs.

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