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One-stop service – from design through to final renovation work

Annual total number of renovations
(as of March 31, 2016)

For the renovation of single-family houses or condominium units, we offer a one-stop service covering everything from painstaking inspections through designs that translate our customers’ dreams into reality, to final renovation work that makes full use of our extensive experience and track record in home building. To make it easier to get across the message of our renovation services to users, we have opened three renovation-dedicated showrooms (called Reform Salons) within large-scale public housing projects in the suburbs of major cities, where we promote community-based renovation proposals. We are also expanding our renovation operations in various new areas, such as rental housing – where we make proposals to secure landowners’ asset values – as well as work on the common-use portions of condominiums (exteriors, etc.) and on medical clinics, restaurants, and so on. We also perform renovation work on a wide variety of buildings not originally constructed by the Daiwa House Group.

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