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Aiming at growth through marketing system with roots in each local community

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(as of April 1, 2015)

HeartOne Reform

In the home renovation business we offer our customers an efficient one-stop service. This popular business model, which has driven expansion in our renovation operations, starts with proposals based on a careful inspection of each property, followed by the planning and implementation of renovation work. We are also working to enhance the quality of our renovation proposals by fully leveraging our extensive experience and know-how, as well as our proprietary technologies.

We expect the home renovation market to continue growing, thanks to the government's stimulus measures. In the field of single-family houses and condominiums, the number of abandoned or vacant homes is growing, while in the area of large-scale public housing developments, the declining birthrate combined with an aging population is becoming a serious problem. These factors are likely to spur demand for the revitalization of public housing projects and for an increase in the number of usable existing homes through renovation work.

We have opened three renovation-dedicated showrooms within large-scale public housing projects in Kanagawa, Chiba, and Hyogo prefectures – at which we promote our new community-based renovation proposals. These showrooms feature areas dedicated to particular market segments and targeting both customers living in single-family houses and those living in condominiums. Proposals offered include overall renovation plans as well as improved storage space or redesigning of the home's entrance area. We plan to open such showrooms at an increased pace with the goal of 20 sites nationwide by 2018, principally in Japan's three major metropolitan areas. In this way, including through strengthened cooperation with the Renovation Counters located within our Royal Home Centers, we hope to expand orders and achieve steady growth.

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