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Fitness Clubs and Aesthetic Salons

Creating multipurpose "communities" that are more than just fitness clubs

Fitness clubs & other facilities
67fitness clubs
58 fitness clubs, 3 tennis clubs/ schools, 1 futsal club, 3 stand-alone hot yoga studios, and 2 NAS Kids Universities
Aesthetic salons
32aesthetic salons
3 stand-alone salons and 29 salons inside fitness clubs

(as of June 1, 2015)

Our Sports Club NAS operates a wide-ranging business that offers more than just fitness clubs. Clubs operated by the company include beauty care and childcare facilities, and are tailored to the needs of an aging population. They offer a comfortable and fun environment with something for everyone to enjoy – from children up to seniors. In fiscal 2014 the company opened its second after-school care facility specializing in educational programs, offering courses in English conversation as well as instruction in physical exercises such as swimming and dancing. It also opened four new fitness clubs, some of which are adjacent to large-scale commercial complexes.

The fitness market is likely to continue expanding steadily in the coming years amid increasing interest in sports and health-related activities among middle-aged and senior adults.

Against this backdrop, to attract more customers in this business segment, we plan to expand the range of events and services available to members of NAS Royal Supporters' Clubs, which are "community clubs" open to members 60 years of age and over. In collaboration with famous athletes, professional baseball clubs, and other sports organizations, we will also gradually increase the number of fitness clubs offering the Kids' Premium School, where children can receive instruction from the experts. For young women, we will be rolling out a series of new business models, notably women-only hot yoga studios. This will be part of the broader aim of creating a diverse range of new “communities” to attract customers from all age groups.

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