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Bolstering marketing system to realize continuous business expansion

Nationwide sales ranking* 11th(FY2014) 52home centers Royal Home Center,Royal Kanamono,Royal Pro(as of March 31, 2015) *Based on sales value, calculated from figures posted in companies'earnings summaries as shown on their websites

We operate Royal Home Centers that serve as stores rooted in their local communities, where people can purchase value-added products to make their lives more enjoyable. These include DIY and interior goods, materials for gardening, pet supplies, and products for use in renovation work. Our home centers also offer home delivery and installation of purchased goods, and to meet the needs of professionals in the construction industry we have opened dedicated areas within these outlets or separate professional-use stand-alone stores that provide a wider range of materials, tools, and metal fittings.

In fiscal 2014 we started up the Roy Mall online store as a first step in larger plans to bolster our marketing system. Additionally, to secure a solid base of regular users we began issuing Senior Passports, with which customers aged 65 and over can enjoy discounts on goods and services. We also reopened three new home centers after enlarging the floor space, and renovated four centers. Especially notable was the replacement of our previous Royal Home Center Nagakute in Aichi Prefecture with an enlarged, next-generation eco-friendly home center whose carbon footprint represents a 70% reduction compared with the original outlet in 1990.

The home center market has been posting slow growth in recent years, partly due to the rise of other types of retail outlet such as shopping malls. As a result, a few major companies are beginning to increasingly dominate the market, with the number of outlets growing, and competition is becoming ever fiercer. Amid this environment, we aim to realize continuous expansion in our home center business by working to ensure that our marketing efforts are strongly community-based, while also investing even more in the opening of new outlets and expanding our online store operations.

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