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Diverse and convenient services that help realize a fulfilling lifestyle

Shinwa Agency
As specialists in communicating ideas, and under the motto of "Productions that Realize Customer Satisfaction," Shinwa Agency operates as an advertising and travel agency. We are expanding its operations and developing new markets, such as its D's Speak online English conversation teaching service.

Media Tech
An information technology company, Media Tech provides a wide range of information-related solutions. It offers document management systems, develops and operates web operating systems, constructs and manages call centers, and provides life-cycle management for a variety of IT assets. We will continue to fulfill a vital collaborative role for its clients with respect to both services and products.

Daiwa House Financial
The Group's sole financial-sector enterprise, Daiwa House Financial engages in credit card operations and other financial services, and also offers a settlement service. Through the use of its HeartOne card in paying the rent for rental housing, we help connect together customers of the Daiwa House Group as a whole – both rental property owners and tenants – thereby creating optimum synergy between the Group's different businesses.

Daiwa House Insurance
Through its insurance products, Daiwa House Insurance protects the continued existence of its customers' invaluable lifestyles. Customers such as people purchasing single-family houses or condominiums, or owners renting out housing, retail stores, or offices, can select the insurance policy that best suits their needs from a varied line-up of insurance products.

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