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Resort Hotels and Golf Courses

Taking full advantage of the unique attractions of each region

27hotels Daiwa Royal Hotels 1hotel Nishiwaki Royal Hotel 10golf courses(as of March 31, 2015)

In the resort hotels business, Daiwa Royal Hotels operates 27 hotels across Japan where guests can experience the attractions of each region's natural environment as well as its history and unique culture, including local cuisine. Meanwhile, Daiwa Royal Golf operates 10 prestigious and spacious golf courses, each of which makes the most of its beautiful local landscape.

Consumer spending in the domestic hotel and travel industries has been sluggish since the consumption tax rate hike in April 2014, with a decrease in the number of Japanese tourists. In contrast, the number of tourists from overseas has increased, thanks in part to the weak yen.

Responding to these market developments, in the resort hotels business we maintained our policy of renovating hotels to boost their customer drawing power, and in fiscal 2014 we carried out interior and exterior redecoration work at the Shinshu-Matsushiro Royal Hotel in Nagano Prefecture, the Minami Awaji Royal Hotel in Hyogo, the Beppuwan Royal Hotel in Oita, and the Shikabe Royal Hotel in Hokkaido.

We will continue to reinforce our brand image by creating hotels with distinct character, each of which makes the most of the unique features of its local area. To attract more guests to our resort hotels, we plan to redesign our website to strengthen the effectiveness of our online marketing, while also investing more effort in marketing to business organizations, particularly in urban areas. In our golf course operations, we will seek new members for our golf clubs, and will invest in improving the courses as well as providing excellent and friendly service. In these ways, we aim to attract more customers and raise the repeat rate.

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