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Robotics Business

Helping create a society that is friendly both to people who need nursing care and to nursing care workers

In Japan, where the birthrate is falling and the population aging, many people in the medical treatment and nursing care fields are pinning their hopes on robotics technology. Our robotics business is focused on equipment that supports the independence of seniors and people with disabilities, as well as on robots that are effective in therapeutic treatment. We collaborate with emerging technology companies to develop a variety of robotic equipment for use in nursing care, and seek to popularize their use among society at large. Such equipment can lessen the physical burden on workers in the nursing care field, as well as help the people who are in their care, producing a happy result for both. We believe our robots can make possible a more fulfilling lifestyle for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Robot Suit HAL® is a registered trademark of CYBERDYNE Inc.
Mentally committing robot is a registered trademark of the National
Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.
PARO is a registered trademark of Intelligent System Co., Ltd.
POPO is a registered trademark of Moritoh Corporation.
Minelet is a registered trademark of NWIC Co., Ltd.
COMUOON is a registered trademark of UNIVERSAL SOUND DESIGN Inc.
HUMANY is a registered trademark of Unicharm Corporation.

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