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Robotics Business

Creating safe and comfortable living environments with robots

Total robot numbers*
  • Robot Suit HAL® for living support (lower limb type) 194
  • Minelet® Sawayaka automatic bedpan equipment for bedridden patients 143
  • Mentally committing robot® PARO® 372
  • POPO® weight reduction-type walking assistance unit 259

(as of March 31, 2015)

* Total for both Daiwa House Industry and Daiwa Lease.

Robot Suit HAL® is a registered trademark of CYBERDYNE Inc.Mentally committing robot is a registered trademark of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.
PARO is a registered trademark of Intelligent System Co., Ltd.Minelet is a registered trademark of NWIC Co., Ltd.POPO is a registered trademark of Moritoh Corporation.COMUOON is a registered trademark of UNIVERSAL SOUND DESIGN Inc.

Our robot business has as its aim developing and popularizing robot technology to deal with various problems arising from the falling birthrate and aging population, and to this end, we developed our Robotics Business Department in 2008. At present, we are switching over to assistive robot suits to support the independence of the elderly and patients with disabilities, and focusing on sales to medical and nursing-care facilities.

The COMUOON system supports communication with the hard-of-hearing, and in December 2014, we started sales to medical and nursing-care facilities, as well as to individuals. Additionally, in May 2015, we expanded our line-up with the release of three new Robot Suit HAL® models. Of these, the Robot Suit HAL® for care support (lumbar) attaches to the waist, and lessens the effort needed when assisting patients with movement. It is hoped this will improve the workplace environment, and prevent occupational injuries at medical and nursing care facilities. Japan has recently been confronted by the problem of insufficiency and aging of construction workers. As one initiative to assist with this, from May 2015 we introduced the Robot Suit HAL® for labor support (lumbar) onto construction sites, where it is currently undergoing evaluation.

We hope to expand our robot business into not only medical care, nursing care, and welfare, but also into homes and myriad other places, providing a safe, comfortable living environment.

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