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Fee-Based Homes for the Elderly

Further improving service quality to raise customer satisfaction

Number of facilities of fee-based homes
for the elderly/Number of rooms
  • Fee-based nursing care facilities for the elderly 5/478
  • Residential-type facilities for the elderly 1/60
  • (as of March 31, 2015)
Percentage of residents satisfied with our facilities*
  • Fee-based nursing care facilities for the elderly93.1%
  • Residential-type facilities for the elderly87.1%

* As of FY2014, based on Daiwa House Life Support survey

In our fee-based homes for the elderly business, we operate two sets of facilities – the Mominoki chain of nursing care homes for residents in need of nursing care, and the Neo Summit homes, which combine assisted-living residential facilities for active seniors with homes for elderly people who require nursing care.

In fiscal 2014 we initiated three "Joyfulness Projects" in the fields of travel, caring for residents with dementia, and types of care customized to each individual. These projects are applicable to all our facilities for the elderly and stem from our desire to realize two goals: that all residents of both the Mominoki and Neo Summit chains of homes will feel glad that they chose our facilities; and that each member of staff will share in the happiness and satisfaction that the residents feel – that they will share the same joy from the bottom of their hearts. The travel project, for residents of all five of our homes, under the name of Autumn Tour of Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi, offered participants a variety of experiences. Many of the residents who went on this tour told us how much they enjoyed going on their first trip for a long time.

Population aging has proceeded further in Japan than in any other country, and thus the need for nursing care facilities and housing specifically designed for elderly people is forecast to continuing growing in the coming years. In this situation, to fulfill the expectations of the residents of our homes for the elderly, we will not only devote efforts to providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable living environment, but will also work to further raise the quality level of our services, including meals, cooperation with medical care facilities, physical activity classes, and end-of-life care. In this way, we expect to achieve growth in our businesses targeted at seniors.

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