External Evaluation

External Evaluation of Daiwa House Industry's IR

Inclusion of Daiwa House Industry in ESG indices

Rating: 3.2 (as of June 2016)
FTSE4Good are ESG investment indices structured by FTSE Russell as a member of the London Stock Exchange Group. These ESG indices have a long history, developed in 2001, and are characteristic of operating a policy committee that consists of multiple stakeholders, including investors, labor organizations and NGOs, in order to maintain its independence. In these indices, 844 global business enterprises, including 158 Japanese ones (as of February 28, 2017), are selected as highly evaluated from the viewpoint of ESG.
We have been selected for these indices since 2006.

STOXX® Global ESG Leaders indices consist of ESG investment indices developed by STOXX, a group company of the Germany Stock Exchanges. Based on ESG data provided by Sustainalytics*, 344 global business enterprises are selected (as of March 14, 2017). We have been selected for these indices since fiscal 2016.
*A Dutch ESG research service and data provider that has been ranked in 1st place for three consecutive

Rating: AA (as of June 2016)
MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes are ESG indices structured by MSCI, a member of the U.S. Morgan Stanley Group. These indexes are characteristic in evaluation focused on ESG requirements that are selected according to importance, taking into account the features of the industry in which evaluated business enterprises operate. In the ESG rating from AAA to CCC, we have been evaluated highly at AA since fiscal 2013.

General score: 64 points (as of September 2016)
Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) are ESG indices that were jointly developed by S&P Dow Jones Indices, an American publisher, and RobecoSAM, a Swiss research and rating firm. We are categorized in the real estate sector, and have been selected for "DJSI Asia Pacific" since 2013, which consists of business enterprises in Japan, Asia and Oceania.

MS-SRI are ESG indices of Japanese corporations, jointly developed by Morningstar Japan K.K. and the Center for Public Resources Development, a non-profit organization. We have continuously been selected for these indices since it was published in July 2003.

Nadeshiko Brand is a system started in fiscal 2012, where the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange jointly select and announce listed companies that excel in the promotion of women’s advancement. We were selected as a Nadeshiko Brand in March 2017, in the third consecutive year since 2015.

The New Diversity Management Selection 100 is a system where the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry evaluates business enterprises that promote innovations, productivity improvement, and other improvements, by maximizing the capabilities of diverse human resources, including women, the elderly, foreigners, disabled persons, and persons from diverse career backgrounds. In March 2016, we were selected as a Nadeshiko Brand and a New Diversity Management Selection 100 enterprise. This simultaneous selection was the first in the housing and construction industry.

The Competitive IT Strategy Company Stock Selection was established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in 2015. In order to provide an environment where listed companies (TSE’s 1st Section, TSE’s 2nd Section, TSE Mothers, and JASDAQ) that proactively promote advanced IT management could be evaluated in the stock market. Under this program, METI and TSE select and publicize companies that strategically promotes the creation of new value and the enhancement of competitiveness by leveraging information technology, through improved corporate products/services and reform in business models. We were selected as one of the 31 enterprises in fiscal 2017, for the second consecutive year after fiscal 2016.

The "Health and Productivity Stock Selection" is one of the initiatives aimed at the extension of people’s healthy life expectancy, as part of the Japan Revitalization Strategy. "Health and productivity management" signifies to examine, and strategically practice, health management for employees, etc., from a managerial viewpoint. In this initiative, business enterprises that excel in "health and productivity management" are selected from listed companies in the TSE, and presented as attractive to investors who emphasize the enhancement of corporate value over a long range, for the purpose of promoting "health and productivity management" at business enterprises. We were selected as one of the 24 enterprises in 24 industries, in the 2017 Health and Productivity Stock Selection in February 2017.

Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management refers to large enterprises and SMEs that practice particularly excellent health and productivity management, through initiatives that match local health requirements, and health promotional measures recommended by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council). This program aims at visualizing excellent corporations that promote health and productivity management, thereby establishing an environment where employees, job hunters, related companies, financial institutions, etc., can socially evaluate such corporations, as examining, and strategically promoting, health management for employees from a managerial viewpoint. We were selected as one of the 500 firms in the large enterprise category of the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (White 500) in February 2017.

Recognition by other major external parties

Ranked A- in the CDP Climate Change Report 2016

We were rated A- in the CDP Climate Change Report 2016, issued by CDP, an international NPO established in the U.K. in 2000. The climate change program of CDP is signed by 827 institutional investors, with the total investments of USD100 trillion. CDP sends questionnaire sheets to, and collects responses from, business entities and other organizations. The climate change strategies and GHG reduction activities of target entities are evaluated and published by CDP.

Ranked 32nd in the CSR Corporate Ranking by Toyo Keizai

Daiwa House Industry was ranked 32nd in the latest edition (March 4, 2017 issue) of the CSR Corporate Ranking published by the Japanese economic journal Toyo Keizai every year. Toyo Keizai Inc. published this ranking after examining and assessing the 1,408 companies that were mentioned in the 2017 edition of CSR Kigyo Soran (CSR Compendium) in terms of the utilization of human resources, the environment, corporate governance, and impact on society, as well as financial data.

CSR evaluation

Environment Corporate
on society
86.0 97.3 95.7 89.7

Financial evaluation

Growth Profitability Safety Scale
85.4 83.3 86.0 100.0

Ranked in 50th place in the Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking

Channel NewsAsia, CSR Asia, and Sustainalytics select the top 100 sustainability firms in Asia, from the viewpoint of ESG (environment, society and governance). In FY 2016, we were ranked in 50th place (1st place in the Japanese construction and real estate industry) among the approx. 1,200 target firms.

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