For a Sustainable Future

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  • Environmental Efforts
  • Commitment to Society
For a Sustainable Future

Solving social issues with our "Asu Fukaketsuno" business

By thinking about what needs to be done today to positively impact tomorrow,
we are working towards a sustainable society through business and CSR activities.

CSR Activities(for the environment and society)

CSR Management Foundation

Environmental Efforts

Target of zero impact on environment throughout life cycle of housing and other buildings

For a healthy environment to co-exist with corporate earnings, we are working to bring about housing, buildings, and cities powered by renewable energy such as wind, sunlight, and water.

Commitment to Society

We're now starting to work together with the local community and people

As a corporate citizen, we communicate sincerely with our stakeholders, and carry out various activities to constantly meet social demands. Click here for an introduction to the philosophy and activities behind these efforts.

Related Information

"Asu Fukaketsuno"

Daiwa House Group is developing products and services to solve today's problems for a better tomorrow through our "Asu Fukaketsuno" business, which means "indispensable for tomorrow."

Promoting diversity

We aim to create new value through diverse human resources.

Communicating with our stakeholders

Interactive contents aimed at realizing a sustainable relationship with our stakeholders.

Co-creating a brighter future with stakeholders

An introduction to the various efforts we are taking with stakeholders for environmental and community-related improvements.

Supportive activities for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

An introduction to the supportive activities we are carrying out to help afflicted areas, including provisional housing, emergency supplies, and financial donations.

Corporate governance

To maintain our status as a trusted enterprise in the community, we are working to improve our corporate governance system for more transparency in management.

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