The Nobuo Ishibashi Memorial Museum An introduction to the exhibits

Visitors to the museum pass through four different exhibition spaces – the Deai, Shinobi, Kansha, and Habikino Garden rooms – where they can see and hear for themselves what Nobuo Ishibashi dreamed of and thought during the decades of rapid change through which he lived and worked. Mr. Ishibashi's ideas and social philosophy are presented via the medium of video images, audio recordings of his speeches, and a display of articles closely associated with his life and work.

Promotional catalogs for the Midget House, Japan's first prefabricated housing product


Daiwa House Industry's first annual report in English, produced in preparation for the Company's internationalization


Memos and construction schedules drawn up on the occasion of a visit to China by a group of Japanese construction material manufacturers


Inkstick, inkstone, and ink brush used for writing personal mottos and other subjects of traditional calligraphy, such as the Shizai Senri motto shown here

Why not give yourself a break from this present-day world of electronic data to come and see real mementos of Nobuo Ishibashi's life and hear his actual voice? Only at this museum can you experience such things.

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