Energy Solutions

Providing solutions to energy issues through technology, planning, and comprehensive capabilities

We are engaged in delivering solutions for energy issues facing our customers, focusing on our three pillars of EPC*1 (design and construction of power plants for renewable energy), centered on construction of photovoltaic power plants, PPS*2 (electric power retail business) for corporations and individuals, and IPP*3 (electric power generation business) for photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation. Amid an accelerating worldwide move toward the realization of a low-carbon economy, the Daiwa House Group will work actively to help popularize the use of renewable energy.

  1. *1 EPC: Engineering, procurement, and construction. The contracting of a series of construction-related work steps.
  2. *2 PPS: Power producer and supplier. An electric utility of a specific scale.
  3. *3 IPP: Independent power producer.

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