Daiwa House Group

Daiwa House Group


Aiming to Realize a World Where We Can Share the Joys of Life with Our Group Strengths to Respond to Changes in Society

 Daiwa House Industry was founded in 1955 with the corporate mission of contributing to the “industrialization of construction.” The first product to be developed was the Pipe House. This was followed by the Midget House (the origin of Japan’s prefabricated houses) and other new products. Since then, the Company has expanded across a wide field of operations, including Single-Family Houses its core business, Rental Housing, Condominiums, Commercial Facilities, general Business and Corporate Facilities (Logistics Facilities, Medical and Nursing Care Facilities, etc.), and the Environment and Energy Business. Daiwa House Industry has to date supplied more than 1.92 million residences (single-family houses, rental housing, and condominiums), over 47,000 commercial facilities, and 9,500 medical and nursing care facilities. In addition to strengthening the Existing Homes Business, which includes home renovations and the purchase and resale business, we are working on the Livness Town Project, which involves the redevelopment of single-family home complexes we developed in the past.

 Today, as a group working to co-create value for individuals, communities and people’s lifestyles, to apply our group’s strengths and provide one-stop solutions for the upstream and downstream sides of business in response to the needs of an ever-changing society, we work tirelessly towards pioneering a path for the future by engaging in community-oriented business in both Japan and overseas.
We settled on “Our Future Landscape – Celebrating the Joys of Life” as our dream for the future to be the purpose of the Daiwa House Group in 2022. At the same time, we announced our five-year 7th Medium-Term Management Plan. We have established three management policies in this plan: “evolve revenue model,” “optimize management efficiency” and “strengthen management base.” We will now build a sustainable growth model which continues to maximize both business value and social value. Moreover, we will promote the utilization of renewable energy throughout our group to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Together with that, we will proactively propose environmentally-friendly buildings such as ZEH and ZEB to accelerate the pace of our efforts toward a decarbonized society.

 The way society should be, as well as people’s lives and existing values are currently undergoing major changes. Against this backdrop, the Daiwa House Group will strive to expand our business always looking ahead to the future based on the pioneering spirit we have built up since our foundation. At the same time, we will aim to realize a world where we can share the joys of life together with our customers by creating social value that captures new needs.

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