General Construction

Employing varied operational methods to realize urban redevelopment

With a history of over 100 years as a general construction company, Fujita is currently working simultaneously to strengthen earning capacity and further improve quality in its core fields of construction and civil engineering, as well as to provide proactive support for its corporate clients both in their Japanese operations and their aggressive capital investments overseas. Fujita boasts an impressive record in the field of community regeneration and urban redevelopment as a result of its high-level planning and proposal capabilities on a solid base of proprietary construction technology. Fujita leverages these advantages, as well as its ability to quickly acquire official permits – thanks to the extensive know-how it has accumulated – to offer sophisticated solutions to its client companies. In these ways, Fujita both enhances the enterprise value of its clients and provides society with attractive community redevelopment projects. Additionally, by attracting tenant companies and customers to the commercial buildings that it owns, Fujita aims to create new trends in flows of people and goods and thereby add new value to their local communities and help revitalize regional economies.

Leading-edge solutions to environmental issues

Fujita positions the fight against environmental degradation as one of the main pillars of its business strategy. Starting with the construction of net zero energy buildings (ZEB)*, which offer comfortable living while saving on energy consumption, Fujita has also developed environment-friendly construction methods, and is currently working on technologies for water and soil purification. In these ways, Fujita works to help bring about a sustainable society.

* Net zero energy buildings combine energy conservation technology with renewable energy generation to achieve a net zero amount of primary energy consumption on an annual basis.

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