Offices and Factories

Strengthening relationships with corporate clients to offer comprehensive solutions

In our support services for customers seeking to build networks of offices, factories and other business properties, we utilize our extensive database on land prices and sites available for development to make land-use proposals covering everything from initial surveys through planning, design, and construction to post-completion maintenance. We offer land-use proposals for sites of every scale, and for buildings and other facilities for all kinds of purposes, across the whole of Japan. We leverage the Group’s ability to make comprehensive proposals incorporating solutions that meet all our clients’ needs, and these have proved very popular in the market. They include proposals for eco-friendly offices and factories, for the building of new corporate facilities or relocation of existing ones, and for the rebuilding or demolition of existing properties. With regard to food processing facilities, we offer a total-support service precisely tailored to the needs and scale of each corporate customer, starting from design of the initial business model and looking at the entire supply chain, from fresh food production through processing to marketing.

D’s SMART FACTORY – the future of manufacturing

The construction of D’s SMART FACTORY – a state-of-the-art eco-friendly factory constructed on the grounds of our Nara Factory – has been highly praised for its overall concept as well as the specific technologies incorporated, and has been awarded the Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Practical Application Section)*. In addition to the use of renewable energy sources and the latest environmental protection equipment, the factory also incorporates a smart management system enabling all employees to access real-time data relating to energy conservation, productivity, firefighting/accident prevention/disaster mitigation measures, and the factory’s working environment. This system makes possible visual control for quick recognition of information, and is one of our contributions to the realization of next-generation manufacturing.

* Prize for Energy Conservation (Practical Energy Conservation Example Section), awarded by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan.

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