Utilizing the social business concept to address society’s problems

In Japan, interest is currently focused on the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs)* as a way to more efficiently fund and operate urban development projects and public services. At Daiwa Lease, we have established the Private-Sector Activity Research Center to specialize in drawing up and promoting PPP strategies, with the aim of applying the know-how that the Group has accumulated and the technologies it has developed to effectively address a wide range of social issues. In this and other ways, we are working to optimally utilize collaboration with local governments and local companies to create the kind of social businesses that can serve as the driving force for the regeneration of regional communities.

* PPPs are business ventures involving a collaboration between government and one or more private-sector companies, for the purpose of providing a public service. It is an effective way for central or local governments to maintain public services at a high quality level and/or further improve service efficiency, by utilizing funds and know-how possessed by the private sector.

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