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Australia/New Zealand

Developing condominiums, commercial facilities and serviced apartments together with corporate partners

We are moving ahead with real estate development operations in Australia, where the population continues to increase and economic growth is forecast to surpass other developed countries. In 2015 we started a project in a four-way partnership with local real estate investment and management company EG Funds Management Pty Ltd, Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., and Cosmos Initia. This involves the development and sale of condominiums, commercial facilities, offices and retail space on a 30,000m2 site.

In 2017 the Waldorf Group joined the Daiwa House Group. Waldorf have been engaged in the management of serviced apartments for the past thirty-five years in Australia and New Zealand. In 2018 the Daiwa House Group was joined by Rawson Group Pty Ltd., which is engaged in the single-family home construction and property development businesses in New South Wales. All the companies of the Daiwa House Group will be working together to expand our business presence in this part of the world.

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