Australia/New Zealand

Developing condominiums, commercial facilities and serviced apartments together with corporate partners

We are moving ahead with real estate development operations in Australia, where the population continues to increase and economic growth is forecast to surpass other developed countries. The Company's Australian business operations are centered on Sydney. In 2015, we commenced development of a project encompassing condominiums, commercial facilities, offices, and retail stores in a joint venture with our local partner EG Funds Management, Sumitomo Forestry, and Cosmos Initia. Since then, in addition to the condominium business, we have expanded our total development business by embarking on the development of land for residential use

In 2017 the Daiwa House Group absorbed a corporate group that had a history of 35 years in the management of serviced apartments in Australia and New Zealand, and starting in 2019 this business was rebranded as Nesuto. In 2018 the Rawson Group, which engages in single-family house construction and land development in New South Wales, also became a member of the Daiwa House Group. This is just one of the ways in which all Group members are working together to expand operations in this market.

Relevant Group Companies

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