Other Businesses
(Manufacture of Housing Parts & Materials/Ground Surveys & Reinforcement)

Manufacture of Housing Parts and Materials

Swift delivery of high-quality products to the home-building frontline

We manufacture steel and timber housing parts at plants around Japan, and deliver them to building sites. Realizing higher quality with lower costs at all stages from processing through assembly to inspection, we constantly seek shorter lead times from start to completion. Optimally leveraging our monozukuri (manufacturing craftsmanship) skills, we aim to deliver high-quality products faster and at lower prices to the home-building frontline, where they offer our customers a rewarding new lifestyle.

Ground Surveys and Reinforcement

Ensuring safety where it cannot be seen

The reliability of the ground on which homes are to be built is of paramount importance. Group member Daiwa Lantec performs ground surveys, including the use of boring when required, to assess the ground conditions and determine what kind of reinforcement work is necessary. Following completion of construction, we have a guarantee system in place covering our ground surveys and reinforcement work, enabling us to provide a fully trustworthy living environment for our customers.

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