Other Businesses
(Advertising & Travel/Information Technology/Credit Cards/Insurance Agencies)

Advertising & Travel

Aiming to realize customer satisfaction

We operate an advertising business under the motto of "Productions that Realize Customer Satisfaction," as well as a travel agency business for domestic and overseas travel, targeting both corporate and individual customers. We are also expanding into new business fields such as the D’s Speak online English conversation teaching service, and the leasing of spaces for holding various events.

Information Technology

Providing information-related solutions

In our IT business, we provide a wide range of information-related solutions. We offer document management systems, develop and operate web operating systems, construct and manage call centers, and provide life-cycle management for IT assets. We work to fulfill a vital collaborative role for our clients in the development of advanced services and products.

Credit Cards

Living up to our customers' trust with high-quality financial services

We engage in a wide range of financial services - principally credit card operations and loans- as well as other services such as settlement and rental guarantees. Customers can select from our menu of HeartOne cards to pay housing rents and meet various other essential needs.

Insurance Agencies

Offering financial security, now and into the future

Customers purchasing single-family houses or condominium units, or owners renting out housing, retail outlets, or offices, can select the insurance policy that best fits their needs from our extensive lineup of insurance products. In this way, we protect our customers’ invaluable assets and lifestyles, enabling them to look forward to the future with confidence.

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