Resort Hotels and Golf Courses

Resort Hotels

We offer resort experiences that make the most of unique local attractions

In our resort hotels business – at hotels operated by Daiwa Royal Hotel from Hokkaido to Okinawa, as well as at the Nishiwaki Royal Hotel in Hyogo Prefecture – guests can experience the attractions of each region’s natural environment, including the changing seasons, plus local cuisine, history, culture, traditions, and unique industries. We want to give each region hope – to help make their dreams come true. Our goal is to serve as the motive power for local communities, and to grow together with them.

Golf Courses

Spacious courses for the perfect experience amid the beauties of nature

In our golf course business, Daiwa Royal Golf operates courses all around Japan that make optimal use of spacious and attractive landscapes. The staff of these prestigious golf clubs are working to further improve the courses and expand the menu of services offered to members.

Daiwa House Group Hotels

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