Fee-Based Homes for the Elderly/Assisted-Living Residential Facilities for Seniors/Adult Day Care/Short-Stay Care

Contributing to the welfare of regional communities by providing places where elderly people can enjoy their lives

In our fee-based homes for the elderly business, we operate two sets of facilities – the Mominoki and Aprico chains of fee-based nursing care homes, which provide a family-like environment where older people can live without worries, and the Neo Summit homes, which combine assisted-living residential facilities for active seniors with homes for elderly people who require nursing care. Not only do we offer a residential experience that provides our elderly customers with peace of mind and enjoyment – including tasty meals and medical professionals always on call – we also offer various activities to keep the mind active, as well as end-of-life care. In these ways, we are working to realize higher-quality services that will make elderly people’s lives more fulfilling.

Assisting elderly people’s daily lives in their local communities

Daiwa House provides all the required support for persons who need nursing care, and for their family members. We operate the D-Festa assisted-living housing for elderly people, which combines the freedom associated with rental housing with the required level of nursing care. We also offer CL Port and other at-home nursing care services, adult day care services, and the CANON short-stay care service, and in other ways provide support for homes for seniors, from planning through development. Our Silver Age Research Center is a research facility employing specialist staff who undertake surveys and analyses relating to problems affecting medical institutions and nursing care facilities. We optimally leverage the Center’s research and proven track record to assist in the planning and design of various homes for the elderly.

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