Daiwa House Group

Daiwa House Group

Long-Term Social Vision

The Daiwa House Group's stakeholders

As a Group that co-creates value for individuals, communities and people's lifestyles, Daiwa House Group uses five principles to grow closer to our stakeholders, while contributing to society through various business activities.

  1. 1.We are sincere in our communication with everyone, and put our full efforts into offering high-quality products and services. We do our best to satisfy our customers and win their trust.
  2. 2.In addition to caring for the health and safety of our employees, we also strive to create an open and fair work environment, and to give every member of staff the opportunity for personal development.
  3. 3.We value our collaboration and cooperation with our business partners, and work to create appropriate mutual relationships. In line with the principle of free market competition, we work to realize the healthy development of the whole industry.
  4. 4.We respect the culture and customs of each region, and support the sustainable development of society through our business activities and social contributions.
  5. 5.In the spirit of the company’s Management Vision, "Co-creating a Brighter Future," we work to optimize two-way communication with our shareholders to have purposeful dialogues with them.