Corporate Ethics / Compliance

Corporate Ethics / Compliance

Concept and Policy

In the Daiwa House Group, all the executives and employees are committed to maintaining high ethical standards and complying with the laws and the corporate philosophy system of the Group when conducting its business. While building trust with our various stakeholders including our customers, we aim to become a corporate group that can make contributions to society.
In April 2004, our Group adopted the Principles of Corporate Ethics and Action Guidelines, which defined the rules of conduct to serve as a basis for realizing our company philosophy and policies. In 2014, we revised these to the Principles of Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct, with approval of executive officers in charge of each division who also serve as a director, in response to changes of social situations in and outside Japan, and in order for each and every employee to put the Company Philosophy and the message we send in every aspect of our corporate activities, Co-creating a Brighter Future, into action even more.

Daiwa House Group Principles of Corporate Ethics

Believe One Heart

Education for employees on laws, ordinances and regulations and corporate compliance therewith

In order to promote the acquisition of knowledge of laws, ordinances and regulations and raise the awareness about risk management, we actively implement training programs for corporate compliance. More specifically, it implements a training program for each class of employees such as new employees, core employees and managers in order to cultivate the knowledge and grounding required for each such class and a training program for each business segment to acquire the knowledge of laws, ordinances and regulations and so on relating to each such segment.
In fiscal 2016, 76 such training programs were held, in which a total of 4,006 employees participated. During fiscal 2017, in addition to training programs organized by the Head Office, the worksites were encouraged to hold their own programs handling issues relating to compliance, promoting the continuation of independent and proactive compliance-related activities.

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