Sustainability Report 2020

Daiwa House Industry published a "Sustainability Report 2020" that provides comprehensive information about ESG of our group.
With this report, we fulfill accountability for contributing to society and the environment through our business operations and environmental load reduction, obtain appropriate external evaluations and improve management, based on requests for information disclosure from corporate evaluation institutions and long-term investors.
The report introduces our management’s view and practical efforts based thereon, and provides a detailed explanation on the progress of the international initiatives "SBT" *1, "EP100" *2 and "RE100" *3, building of management base, and corporate governance functions of the Group.
While ESG investment is attracting attention, Daiwa House Group will use this report as a communication tool for constructive dialogue with stakeholders (customers, colleagues, business partners, local citizens, shareholders, etc.), and further strengthen its financial foundation and management base with an aim to achieve sustainable growth and higher corporate value.

Editorial Policy

*1 An international initiative that encourages companies to set greenhouse gas reduction targets with a scientific basis consistent with the "2°C targets" of the Paris Agreement.

*2 A business coalition that aims to double the energy productivity of its member companies.

*3 A business coalition of businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.

English Edition

Managerial Philosophy and Overall Picture

Business Philosophy Guided by Our Founder’s Spirit

  • Origins of the Daiwa House Group
  • Editorial Policy / Contents
  • Company Summary
  • Message from the President
  • Realizing Management Vision that Embodies Our Founder’s Spirit

Framework for Management Implementation

  • The Daiwa House Group’s value-creation process
  • Medium-Term Plan for Achieving Our Management Vision
  • Governance definition / Enhancing governance

Implementation Report Environment


  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Long-Term Environmental Vision
  • Action Plan for the Environment (Endless Green Program)
  • General (Expand environmental contribution business)
  • Reinforcing the foundation of environmental management
    Environmental Management
    Supply Chain Management (Environment)
    Eco Communication

Focal theme

  • 1 Slowing and adapting to climate change (Energy)
  • 2 Harmony with the Natural Environment (Preservation of Biodiversity)
  • 3 Conservation of Natural Resources / Water Resource Conservation (Longer Durability / Waste Reduction)
  • 4 Prevention of Chemical Pollution

Implementation Report Society


  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • CSR Management
  • Human Rights Management
  • Social Medium-Term Plan (Endless Social Program)

Focal theme

1.Innovation base

  • Issue 1: Build platforms for innovating solutions to social issues
  • Issue 2: Promote social inclusion in real-estate development
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Developing disaster-resilient products
  • Developing products to solve challenges facing society

2.Human resources base

  • Issue 3: Work style reform for employees
  • Issue 4: Upgrade human resource development and recruitment
  • Issue 5: Promote diversity and inclusion

3.Technology and manufacturing base

  • Issue 6: Enforce safety/security at construction sites
  • Issue 7: Improve productivity in manufacturing operations with the cooperation of business partners
  • Issue 8: Promote and improve the efficiency of CSR procurement across the Group

4.Customer base

  • Issue 9: Upgrade corporate communications
  • Issue 10: Promote customer support to maintain long-term relationships

5.Communication base

  • Issue 11: Integrate and upgrade financial and nonfinancial communications
  • Issue 12: Keep pace with rapidly evolving communication environments
  • Community Service and Co-creation Activities: Contribution to Local Communities

6.Risk countermeasures base

  • Governance Enhancement Measures
  • Issue 13: Prepare business continuity plans on the premise of natural disasters/extreme weather
  • Issue 14: Establish human rights due diligence at plants
  • Issue 15: Establish corporate ethics and compliance rules
  • Issue 16: Build management base for global business development from a long-term perspective
  • Internal Control
  • Risk Management
  • Anti-corruption

Implementation Report Corporate Governance


  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Corporate Governance

Third-Party Assessment / Data Section

Cooperating with Third Parties and Their Assessment

  • Cooperating with Third Parties
  • Main certifications and awards
  • Inclusion in ESG indices

Data Section

  • Corporate Data / Financial Information
  • Medium-Term Plan Self-Assessment Indices
  • Environmental Data
  • Glossary

Third-Party Assurance Report

  • Third-Party Assurance Report

Editorial Postscript

  • Editorial Postscript

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