Sustainability Report 2022

The Daiwa House Group has published the Sustainability Report 2022 with comprehensive coverage of ESG matters.
Recognizing the expectations for information disclosure from stakeholders such as corporate assessment agencies and long-term investors, this report acknowledges our accountability for contributions to society and the environment through our business while also helping us to acquire appropriate third-party evaluations and to put these to use in improving our operations.

In the Message from the President section, the report explains the ideas that are embodied in the fulfillment of Our Hopes for the Future (purpose), our role in achieving that vision (in particular our “materialities” or priority issues), and our policies for doing so, focusing also on topics such as achieving carbon neutrality, the progress of our Livness Town Project, the development of human resources, and our DX strategy.
The Feature section looks at the dialogue that played such a vital role in the formulation of Our Hopes for the Future (purpose) and at the ideas that we have come to hold dear through the construction of the MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Center (Kotokurie) together with some of the work that has been going on there since it opened.

The Implementation Report section covers the following topics.
A review of activities undertaken during fiscal 2021 based on our four environmental priority themes and an overview of the Endless Green Program 2026, an action plan for the environment formulated in accordance with our 7th Medium-Term Management Plan.
Our performance on the key goal indicators (KGIs) corresponding to the 16 priority issues identified in the Endless Social Program 2021, our social medium-term plan, and the work being done in this area.
<Corporate Governance>
A review of corporate governance at the Daiwa House Group covering the operation and evaluation of our corporate governance system and board of directors, supervision by the board of directors of matters relating to the SDGs and ESG, the incentive system for medium- to long-term corporate value enhancement, and stock ownership by directors.

As corporate management now requires the integration of business with the resolution of societal challenges, the Daiwa House Group intends to utilize this report as a tool for constructive dialogue with stakeholders (including customers, employees, business partners, community residents, and shareholders) with the aim of creating a world in which everyone can share the joys of life.

Editorial Policy

English Edition

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GRI Standards

Message from the President


  • Onward! Towards fulfilling Our Hopes for the Future!
  • New Co-creation and Fostering the Next Generation Designing the Society of the Future with Kotokurie

Implementation Report Environment


  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Long-Term Environmental Vision
  • Action Plan for the Environment (Endless Green Program)
  • Action Plan for the Environment (Endless Green Program 2026)
  • Action Plan for the Environment (Endless Green Program 2021)
  • General (Expand environmental contribution business)
  • Reinforcing the foundation of environmental management
    Environmental management
    Supply chain management (Environment)
    Eco communication

Focal theme

  • 1 Mitigating and adapting to climate change
    Response to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • 2 Harmony with the natural environment (Preservation of biodiversity)
  • 3 Closed-loop resource sourcing and conservation of aquatic environments (Greater durability and waste reduction)
  • 4 Prevention of chemical pollution

Implementation Report Society


  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Long-Term Social Vision
  • Social Medium-Term Plan (Endless Social Program)
  • CSR Management
  • Human Rights Management

Focal theme

1.Innovation base

  • Issue 1: Build platforms for innovating solutions to social issues
  • Issue 2: Promote social inclusion in real estate development

2.Human resources base

  • Issue 3: Work style reform for employees
  • Issue 4: Upgrade human resource development and recruitment
  • Issue 5: Promote diversity and inclusion

3.Technology and manufacturing base

  • Issue 6: Enforce safety/security at construction sites
  • Issue 7: Improve productivity in manufacturing operations with the cooperation of business partners
  • Issue 8: Promote and improve the efficiency of CSR procurement across the Group

4.Customer base

  • Issue 9: Upgrade corporate communications
  • Issue 10: Promote customer support to maintain long-term relationships

5.Communication base

  • Issue 11: Integrate and upgrade financial and nonfinancial communications
  • Issue 12: Keep pace with rapidly evolving communication environments

6.Risk countermeasures base

  • Issue 13: Prepare business continuity plans on the premise of natural disasters/extreme weather
  • Issue 14: Establish human rights due diligence at factories
  • Issue 15: Establish corporate ethics and compliance rules
  • Issue 16: Build management base for global business development from a long-term perspective
    Risk Management
    Internal Control

Implementation Report Corporate Governance


  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge
  • Corporate Governance

Third-Party Assessment / Data Section

Cooperating with Third Parties and Their Assessment

  • Cooperating with Third Parties
  • Main certifications and awards
  • Inclusion in ESG indices

Data Section

  • Results and self-assessment of the Action Plan for the Environment
  • Results and self-assessment of the Social Medium-Term Plan
  • Environmental Data
  • Social Data
  • Corporate Governance Data
  • Third-Party Assurance Report
  • Editorial Postscript

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