Management of intellectual property rights

Management of intellectual property rights

Our policy

Basic policy for intellectual properties

Under "Ensuring our competitive superiority and maintaining order in competition" as our basic philosophy, we are engaged in intellectual property activities. Through quick acquition of results of technological development, we contribute to keep competitive superiority, and under patent or trademark investigation system we respect other companies' intellectual property in order to maintain good competition. We recognize the importance of making our and other companies' intellectual property information well known, we have built an internal framework to deliver and gather IP information. In addition, for utilizing IP rights we actively licensing patents. Furthermore, we issue intellectual property report, or summary of annual activities, grant cash bonuses for inventions implemented and hold annual meeting to present excellent inventions and invention contest and other events with an aim to increase our directors' and employees' awareness of intellectual properties.


Management system of intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property Section

The Intellectual Property Section, which belongs to the Legal Department, works in coordination with the Engineering Department and other related departments for investigations about, and the acquisition and management of patents, design and trademark rights, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights, and also in cases of infringement of rights and litigation.
Since close and swift coordination with research and product development-related departments is essential, some the Intellectual Property Section staff members are working posted at the Central Research Laboratory, Daiwa House Industry's primary R&D center. We recognize patents as the fruits of the company's research and development, trademarks as the foundation of the Daiwa House brand, and copyrights as our results of creative effort. Therefore we treat them as our precious corporate assets, and take acquistion, retention, and release procedure under strictly prescribed rules. Moreover, in accordance with the principle of maintaining order in competition, we place the utmost importance on not only claiming our own IP rights but also respecting others' rights, making sure to prevent violations of other companies' patent or trademark rights through a solid investigation system.

Diagram of the Intellectual Property Rights Management System

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