Long-Term Efforts to Earn Trust

Concept and Policy

We at Daiwa House Group regard buildings as important assets of both customers and society. We also consider that buildings exist in the context of people’s lives and businesses, and must be tailored to people who live in and use the buildings. Our mission is to ensure that a building is maintained in excellent condition for a long period of time to sustain its value as an asset and enable people to use it across generations. We have established a system of maintenance and after-sales service that we continue to improve to ensure that good asset value is handed down to the next generation.

Of equal value to us are the relationships of trust we have built up over time with customers. We wish to maintain communications over the long term with customers who use the single-family houses or condominiums that we build, and also with the owners of rental housing, commercial facilities, or business facilities built for the purpose of asset utilization, so that everyone can use their buildings safely and worry-free.


Long-term quality assurance

Our company has established a system for long-term guarantees and after-sales service tailored to the structure of buildings and conditions of the owner (e.g. light-gauge steel-framed singlefamily houses and condominiums, heavy-gauge steel-framed general buildings). We offer initial guarantee periods of up to 20 years for exterior walls, structure, and other parts of buildings, and also provide a periodic building diagnosis service.

We visit individual customers, and conduct maintenance work to repair areas requiring improvement identified in the building diagnosis, thereby maintaining and improving the value of housing as an asset. Information collected through these aftersales services is summarized by the CS segment and fed back to the relevant segments, leading to improvement in product development and quality assurance.

Membership organizations for owners

We run a membership organization for owners that serves as a forum for information exchange and the promotion of friendship among building owners throughout Japan. Seminars and consultations are held by experts in asset utilization; members gain access to the latest information; and they receive assistance with the maintenance of buildings they own or with asset utilization of rental housing they manage, for example. Owners socialize with one another through organized trips, Christmas parties, boat cruises, and other events. We promote such activities to maintain communication over the long term and build solid relationships between owners and the Daiwa House Group.

Main membership organizations for owners

  Single-family houses Rental housing Commercial facilities
Name Daiwa Family Club Daiwa House Owners Clubs Owners Clubs
Total membership 220,000 93 clubs in Japan 34,189
(As of April 30, 2017)
65 clubs in Japan 6,713
(As of March 31, 2017)
Major activities ·An Internet service exclusively for members
·Information and advice given to resolve concerns and to answer owners' questions about future housing.
·New information provided on managing rental housing
·Information exchange among members, study tours to deepen friendship, etc.
·Seminars on the effective use of real estate
·Study tours to promote friendship among members
Note:Business consultations on opening commercial establishments for tenant companies held (leading to over 4,000 business deals as of March 31, 2017)

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